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- Thursday, December 14th, 2000 Like Share

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Dan May 25, 01
does the sony spressa burn 80min (700meg) cdrs???!!!!! i see no option for this in the "cd extreme" software ...the html manual includes a screen shot of a window that doesnt even exist in my version of cd extreme!!! and in this screen shot, there seems to be a parameter for this feature ...but in the actual software, this tab does not exist. this is extremely irritating. my local cdr vendors (compusa, best buy, etc.) arnt even carrying 74min (650meg) cdrs anymore. please help!!!
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Sandman22 Sep 10, 01
That rattle you described is much more than a nuisense. I've found that if you insert thinner, lighter CD like the ones you get from manufactors with their drivers on them, the drive will grind gears, rattle and most of the time you have to remove the CD to stop it. Does anybody know why?
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