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- Friday, March 9th, 2001 Like Share

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John Braianrd Jun 7, 01
I like the feature set of this router and because of this review, I was convinced that this was the one I wanted rather than the others such as Linksys.

I do have to say, though, I've had nothing but problems with this box.. It may be my network connection, or some other thing on my end, but it won't keep a connection. When it does make a connection, it takes three to five times resetting the box.

When I sent an e-mail to SOHOWare asking if they've had problems with their box dropping internet connections, they responded with "Your ISP is disconnecting you because of an idle connection." This isn't true. My e-mail is downloaded from RoadRunner every 30 seconds and losing my connection was never a problem with my Linux firewall. My connection is far from being idle when the box dies on me.

I had a Linux based firewall set up, but wasn't feeling up to the task of setting it up to allow VPN access into work. It gave me that ability, but the problems I'm having far outweight that features that it offers.

The box is going back to Best Buy in exchange for a CD-Burner. I'm reverting back to using Linux as my firewall.
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Redemption Jun 8, 01
hi John,

I recommend writing your experiences also as a user review to share with other readers. As you know, in any review the amount of problems you discover can only be as good as how long you have had with the product, and Anthony really didn't play with the router for as long as someone who buys it would have.

I am currently using the BroadGuard at my house and have no problems with it - I did notice ICQ disconnects once in a while, but I cannot say whether that is the router, or just a poor ISP connection on my end.

I have also set up a Linux box to do the same thing with equal ease (although I must admit the VPN stuff is too much for me to bother with). I think that a regular user would prefer to use a hardware firewall cuz it's easier, and you don't have to dedicate a box to do it. I used to use a software firewall on a Win box that acted as my gateway/firewall, but that had a whole load of problems due to system lockups, or log file corruptions that would lock up the system. In the end the hardware router seemed like the best solution for me.

Thanks for contributing to this. It really helps other potential buyers!
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