SOHOware CableFREE NetBlaster II Review - PAGE 1

- Thursday, June 14th, 2001 Like Share

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Vector Jun 17, 01
I have spoken to a couple people that tell me microwave ovens and maybe other high power draw devices disrupt wireless networks completely. Any chance of testing this? I'm interested in sharing a network connection across a couple buildings in a apartment complex (lots of microwaves my run)..

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Jay R Feb 24, 05
quote Entity
Hi guys, we've posted Anthony's review of the SOHOware CableFREE NetBlaster II set. Have a read & leave your comments.
I need to download the driver.
I have plug-in the pci card but need driver.
Help me set up
Thank you
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tomk Feb 24, 05
Vector: Actually, the wireless router back at work (I work here ) sat on top of the microwave oven that people used for warming up their lunch for weeks -- I used it without problems. LOL
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John B Nov 18, 05
I just bought an Axim Pocket PC. I have the Netblaster II wireless hub. When I try to install it asks for a card. Do I have to buy a card to install in the computer? Also, why does my Pocket PC asks for modem when the NetBlaster has an ethernet hook up? and where do I hook up that ethernet cable? (my computer has an ethernet jack but it is taken by the cable connection........HELP HELP HELP
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