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- Wednesday, January 10th, 2001 Like Share

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poohbear Jan 16, 02
The Smc is a great little router for the money. I do have one big beef with it, having recently installed it.

The dailup support really sucks. I mean, if I want to dail into my ISP, I have to go into the router configuration and connect and disconnect from there. To me, this is potentially a major security hazard. When I talked to tech support, they told me that I could not use a dailup connection in any other way and that this is the way the firmware is designed. I mean, it sucks to be part of a minority that still uses dailup.

Tech support suggested I get another phone line and connect "forever".

We really should have an option to be able to dail in. What about the people who have ISDN connection?

If anyone has a workaround, let me know.

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Ian Clemow Apr 26, 02
Re dial-up

Having tried to use the Barricade and an external modem, and failed, even using the barricade's own dial-up feature I conntacted SMC tech support and they say that my ISP (AOL) cannot be used with any routers due to the fact that AOL uses proxies for access.
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Stuart Seeley Aug 21, 02
I had purchased this router AFTER using the 7004AWBR for quite some time.... I assumed that since the 7004AWBR allowed ranges of ports to be forwarded, the similar 7004ABR, would be identicle minus the wireless... I was wrong and I wish I had gotten a linksys instead.

Stuart Seeley
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David Geddes Nov 4, 02
I bought this router on the advice of a friend. It worked OK under light load, but under heavy load (transfering 200MB from wired port to wireless port the wired port failed, and required a hard reset to recover. (PITA since I had to re-enter encryption key, MAC Addr, and reconfigure.) I replaced my 10/100 NIC but that didn't help, same thing again.
SMC replaced the unit with a new one. Guess what? Exact same failure. I believe this is a design flaw. I can't believe I am the only one to experience it. I will junk this unit and buy from another mfgr.
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fAUST Feb 15, 04
You people are smoking crack. This is the best little firewall solution bang for the buck I have ever used. Had to use a dialup external modem with it on numerous occasion and the dial on demand fired up every time as needed with never a failure. I am continually amazed at how little I spent on it. Great firewall features like access control, logging, icmp ignore, I could go on and on. I've only had one single gripe about this little guy ever, and that is that it does not have static routing ability to add routes to internal IP segments. But for the price, this box rox.
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