Sins of DRM lead to Sins of a Solar Empire Review - PAGE 1

- Wednesday, March 12th, 2008 Like Share

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1.The DRM Fallacy
2.How to sell games...
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Unconnected Mar 29, 08
I agree with your points and this is infact one of the reasons I purchased the game.. However if you want a copy, assuming you have a CreditCard, just do what I did, go to their website and buy it there. That way the developer gets 80-90% of the revenue as apposed to 30-50% they might get selling it through futureshop or Walmart*GASP*. Either way their model worked, I tried the game from a friend who had it before hand loved it and within 2 hours of playing it went to their website wiped out my CC and spent the 40 bux on it. The game is unbelievable and deserves the money and therefor I have no money forking it out
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Exodus_499 Jan 17, 09
An old article, I know, but I just read it so what the heck:

Stardock are bang on with this idea. I wasn't sure about Sins, so I borrowed my friends disk and played that for a while. After a few hours (it's fantastically addictive, once past the learning curve) playing, I began to notice some things that were spoiling it a little, so I went looking for the patches... Only to find that not only I can I not patch the game - and therefore get all the new features - but the newer fan mods don't support the older versions of the game.

So I'm on the internet now, with the express intent of actually purchasing the game - and after reading your article, I have new hope for the game industry and a definite affinity for this kind of release.
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