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- Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 Like Share

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ashantiqua Apr 30, 14
The keyboard market is an odd one, to be sure.

when it comes to "gaming" keyboards flashy design and hawt anglez are all the rage while build quality and user feel have been sacrificed. Its like often the marketing team has been given the reigns over the engineers.

And on the other side of the market you have over-engineered keyboards with competent designs, good quality materials and superfluous crap like gold plated braided usb cables sellings for ~$200. Wtf.

I have two old IBM keyboards - one is a black cheapo keyboard that has a tangible layer of grime over everything and is about 10 years old... No problem with it ever; if anything, the keys feel a tad mushy compared to the other IBM.

The other is the old ass fabled mechanical IBM keyboard. Thing is probably ~20 yrs old, feels like new, and for some god-like reason, its looks new too... No grime anywhere.

So... Keyboards... What have they become?
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Angela Killpack May 8, 14
I have to admit, I like this keyboard just because it's called Phoenix. I love phoenixes in any way, shape, or form. The keyboard itself looks pretty nice, but I'm fine with cheaper keyboards for the time being. http://www.expresspackandcrate.com/Products/
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