Samsung 151s TFT LCD Display Review

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Publish Date: Tuesday, March 12th, 2002
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The Samsung 151s TFT LCD display is a new product from the line of budget LCD displays at Samsung. The styling and appearance of the unit is much more pleasing than their older line of displays, marking an almost complete resdesign of all the new displays at Samsung. This is a definite welcome to the stylistically challenged older models. I applaud the design team for their efforts in making their budget displays not only very economical (in terms of LCD pricing), but producing a quality LCD display with well thought out designs. A quick glance at the specifications would indicate a very good LCD display and one that would not empty your wallet completely. However, specifications always say good things, we will have to take a closer look and see if it really offers the bang for the buck.

Selling Point

First of all, I think it is not completely fair to categorize this LCD display as a "cheap" display. Yes, it is a budget LCD these days, but even budget lines have very high quality displays that just come with less frills than their more expensive counterparts. The LCD does not come with too many features other than itself, which is something that many people want but can not afford yet. I have also been looking for an LCD display myself, if the price is right. This display seems to target those customers out there; those who do not want to spend an exorbitant amount, but still get a high quality product that they really want. So does the 151s TFT LCD display fulfill these requirements? Let's take a look at the specifications:

Panel 15" a-si TFT/TN
Pixel Pitch 0.297mm
Brightness 230cd/m²
Contrast Ratio 300:1
Viewing Angle 140º/120º (H/V)
Interface Analog
Frequency Horizontal Rate 30-61 KHz
Vertical Rate 50-75 Hz
Maximum Pixel Rate 80 MHz
Resolution Maximum 1024 x 768
Color Maximum 16.7M Colors
Signal Input Input Video Signal Analog RGB
Sync Type H&V Separate
Input Connectors 15 pin D-sub
Power On/Off 24 Watts (Typ.) / < 1 W
Wall-Mount VESA 75mm
Dimensions Set 15.4" x 15.1" x 6.8"
Weight 11.5 lbs
Warranty 3 years Backlight / 3 years parts and labor
Price approx. $460 USD

Setup and Installation

The setup of the 151s display was relatively simple. That seems to be the norm for both LCD displays and CRT monitors. The wires are relatively well concealed at the back away from site's view. The toughest part may be to install the new driver and to set up the display settings. The installation process on Windows once again proved confusing, since Samsung uses the same installation CDs for many of it's displays. Basically, the installation software needs a Wizard type process and much better feedback to the user after the drivers are installed and the process is finished. Other than that, I found the settings on the display easy to use and had the unit up and running within 15 minutes after taking the unit out of the box.

Quality or Just Budget

First off, when I first started using the display, I was quite surprised how much LCD displays have advanced over the years. There still needs to be work done to close the gap between CRT monitors and LCD displays, but the gap is definitely narrowing fast. In terms of technology, I believe that CRT monitors have reached its peak while LCDs still have lots of room to improve upon. So watch out.. One thing I did notice after an extended period of time was that the display seemed brighter in the middle horizontal than the top horizontal region. Readjusting the view angle did help to significantly reduce this effect. Although one can try & change the angle to an optimal setting, this problem probably affects most, if not all, LCD displays out there, they seem to require that the viewer have an almost level viewing angle to achieve maximum continuity in contrast and brightness. Thus, having more than one person using the display regularly may require readjustment of the view angle every time. I did find that even angling the display required some skill, since the display is much lighter the whole unit moves are you try to adjust making it more difficult. That aside, the overall display quality of this TFT display is good, with relatively crisp images with nice contrast between colors and good color reproductions. There is some blending of colors when there are many dark colors together, leading to a mesh of darks that are hard to distinguish. Very high contrast colors also have a similar effect. This effect is by no means bad, but just not up to par with CRT monitors of similar price. I also found that the darks weren't as dark as they could be, more like a dark gray. The applications that you will eventually use with this display will ultimately make the difference in whether this display has the qualities you require. In fact, the average user using this display for office applications, web browsing, checking email, word processing and even games and simple digital imaging will find that this display is easily up to the task. It's only in areas which require very crisp, high contrast, and high quality color reproduction that the display (and most LCDs) fail to provide. Another area is definitely the response time of this LCD display. The response time determines the interval between refreshing of the pixels on the display. I often found that while scrolling through webpages, the text images would blur somewhat and made it hard to read until it stabilized. This is unfortunate, but LCDs tend to have this effect.


Overall, I found the Samsung 151s TFT display to be quite good in terms of display capabilities and it's more budget-oriented price. In terms of saving money, the display will also save you money on electric bills as it consumes far less electricity. Some of the other welcomed advantages this LCD display is the lower heat emissions and it's much more quiet than a CRT monitor. The color reproductions were adequate with some blending at the ends of the light and dark colors, and the black could be darker. The style and overall layout of the display is very good as well. There is still room for improvement, but at the price that you can get this LCD for, it is quite good in its capabilities.

Overall Score: 80%

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