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- Tuesday, May 8th, 2001 Like Share

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ggghhhggghhh Feb 12, 03
waring to all cat owners......damn cat chewed up the monitor cable and now i have to get a new one.
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cLy May 1, 03
I got this syncmaster 152s.
For the first few days it was okay. Then there was a small red dot on the screen.

The same thing goes with my first Lcd Monitor: Sync 151s.
I thought it was a manufacturing defect since it was there the moment i start using it.

But i guess it's not. My second monitor also have the same problem. What happened? Any Idea?
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Mike Waugh Oct 7, 04
Samsungs are not what they used to be, I have owned many monitors from them. However, my opinon has changed..my 955DF died after less than a year. Samsung will send you a refurbished unit, which means you will take your chances even if they do replace it. I am still waiting for my replacement. Regarding the 955DF, screen is not as good as the older units. I truly believe that with Crt's not being in vogue, quality is on the decline.
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