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Samsung 171P TFT LCD Review - PAGE 1

- Wednesday, July 10th, 2002 Like Share

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1.Intro & Fashion vs Function
2.The 171P's Offerings & Final Impressions
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jesteroony Sep 19, 02
I have just bought this monitor a few days ago, I already had a 19inch samsung syncmaster 900ift which has been an excellent monitor but being a crt was a bit big, thats why I kept with samsung and also the great price I managed to attain it for.
I agree with all that was said in the review.
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SC Dec 15, 02
I've had my 171P for a few days now, and I went to the store thinking the 171V.. and the 171V had a $50 rebate, so I think it was $550 (? as I racall), but I knew I would not be happy having seen the P. I like mine a lot so far, and think I'll keep liking it the more I use my computer.. which is 5-6 hours / day now. I also agree with the article.

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