Samsung SyncMaster 170MP Review - PAGE 1

- Wednesday, August 22nd, 2001 Like Share

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1.Introduction, Specs & Installation
2.First Glance, Testing & Final Thoughts
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Gamer45g68988 Dec 7, 01
Hi there, I am thinking of getting the Samsung SyncMaster 170MP moniter. But I got some questions in mind hoping you can answer them for me:

1.) I own a Asus GeForce2 GTS video card and it has 16bit and 32bit color. Is that means only 16bit color can be display in a LCD monitor since it support only 24bit.

2.) How's the performance for gaming on this monitor (Unreal Tour. Quake 3, etc.)? Any sites provide some stats for testing results?

3.) What is the life of this LCD, can it last more than 6 years?

4.) How's this monitor compare to the 171MP?

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dcg Jul 26, 02
I received a reply to some questions I sent to Samsung tech support that might be useful to readers: The only real difference between the 170MP and the 171MP is that the 171 is HDTV compatile and the 170 is not. Also, unfortunately, the units are NOT PAL/NTSC switchable !! You have to choose one or the other. If you're looking at mobile use the unit is 12 volts so should be completely compatible with automotive / marine applications.
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