Samsung SyncMaster 1200NF Review

Author: Ren-Jie Huang
Editor: Howard Ha
Publish Date: Friday, January 25th, 2002
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There are many types of CRT monitors

out in the market, and one of the main differences between CRT monitors is the screen type, be it flat or curved. Flat monitors generally cost more in price but offer reduced geometric distortion of the screen, while curved monitors sacrifice some screen uniformity for lower prices. Today we will take a look at the Samsung Syncmaster 1200NF from the Natural Flat Series.


CRT TypeFlat Aperture Grille
Size22” diagonal
Viewable Image Size20” diagonal
Dot Pitch0.24mm Uni-Pitch Aperture Grille
Max Resolution2048 x 1536 @ 79 Hz NI
Optimum Resolution1600 x 1200 @ 85 Hz
Input Video SignalAnalog RGB
Video Level0.7Vp-p
Sync TypeSeparate H&V, Composite H&V, SOG
Power Consumption< 150 Watts Maximum
Power ManagementVESA DPMS, Energy 2000, NUTEK, EPA
Dimensions W x H x D510mm x 500mm x 476mm (19.7” x 20.0” x 18.7”)
Weight31.5 kg (69.3 lb)
Warranty3 years parts and labour and CRT

The 1200NF is a 22” Flat Aperture Grille (20” viewable) display with a maximum resolution of 2048 x 1536, but optimally it would be 1600 x 1200 at 85 Hz. Setup and installation was a breeze, and as always it was packaged with Colorific Software to help better match the screen colour due to differences in room lighting and the sort. After getting to know the control layout, setting up the monitor was fairly straightforward.

First Glance

With a comprehensive set of OSD controls provided by the 1200NF, one can generally fix any problem dealing with geometry. Controls such as trapezoid, side pin corner and pin balance corner are very useful for dealing with screen geometry. Upon first glace of the monitor with some still images, the screen was very much on top of most competing products. Most notable is the monitor’s size. At 22”, it takes up a fair share of the table and forces the user to lean back on the chair, but with a 22” display, who’s complaining? On with the objective testing.


The objective tests were carried out using Displaymate, and results showed that the 1200NF was indeed a step ahead of its competition. The uniformity was excellent with no noticeable dark regions, flicker, pincushion and geometric distortion was minimal, and there were no signs of ghosting and streaking. In addition, colour registration was superb, with all primary colours lining up perfectly. The colour gradients were the best amongst the monitors being tested but the intensity level ramp was slightly trailing. The 1200NF did perform better than most other monitors with respect to focus and sharpness; however, it was not as sharp as I would have expected. On the opposite end, the transient response was a bit shaky which required the refresh rate to be lowered to 72 Hz. Also, the resolution tests showed that the screen produced swirls near the corners at full resolution. In addition, the 1200NF did not perform well in the Moiré Pattern test as it produced aliasing ripples from the top to the bottom; however, this is not much of a problem, as these patterns will rarely ever be displayed. Still, the Samsung 1200NF is very much on top of the game.


The Samsung 1200NF Flat Aperture Grille monitor is an extremely balanced large screen display with great geometry, uniformity and colour. Plus, sitting at 22”, there is nothing you can’t do with this monitor. Watching DVDs would be excellent, playing games would be superb, and working would be a snap with the extra desktop space. Make sure that your desk has ample space before purchasing a large screen because the last thing you want to do is compromise your vision by being too close to the screen.

Overall Score: 80%

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