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RDJD K701 Athlon Cooler Review - PAGE 2

- Friday, August 4th, 2000 Like Share

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Zoz Aug 4, 00
Actually I do have a question been interested in getting an athlon for quite some time now and have definately been wondering about overclocking but without the hassle of water cooling, peltiers and what not... given the fact that this product does indeed cool... is it possible to up cooling performance by maybe adding more fans to that sink? It looks like it might be a viable option from the picture.
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Samson Aug 8, 00
Well RDJD does make a second cooler, something like the K702 or something with more coolers. You ought to checkout their site.
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Fuelburn Aug 14, 00
Cool article,

Are you going to do a comparison article to compare scores from other Athlon coolers? The RDJD looks to be a good choice, but like the other guy said, I want to see how it would do with more fans.
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