: : : : Core 2 Extreme QX9650 Launch & Review - 45nm Yorkfield aka Penryn is here!

Core 2 Extreme QX9650 Launch & Review - 45nm Yorkfield aka Penryn is here! - PAGE 1

- Monday, October 29th, 2007 Like Share

Article Index

2.Changes to Architecture
3.New SSE4 instructions
4.Test Setup & Benchmarks
5.Business Winstone & Content Creation
6.Sandra Tests
7.WinRAR & WinRAR MT
8.RightMark Read & Write
10.Rendering Tests
11.Call of Duty & Commanche 4
12.Doom 3 & Halo
13.Jedi Knight & Unreal Tournament
14.Quake 4 & World In Conflict
15.Penryn improvements explored
16.Overclocking the Yorkfield/QX9650
17.Overclocked QX9650 Business Winstone & Content Cre
18.Overclocked QX9650 Sandra Tests
19.Overclocked QX9650 WinRAR & WinRAR MT
20.Overclocked QX9650 RightMark Read & Write
21.Overclocked QX9650 RightMark Latency & Bandwidth
22.Overclocked QX9650 RightMark Lame MP3 & TMPGEnc
23.Overclocked QX9650 Rendering Tests
24.Overclocked QX9650 Call of Duty & Commanche 4
25.Overclocked QX9650 Doom3 & Halo
26.Overclocked QX9650 Jedi Knight & Unreal Tournament
27.Overclocked QX9650 Quake 4 & World In Conflict
28.Power Consumption & Conclusion
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axforts2212 Dec 9, 07
It was current sept 27 07 and i posted it in nov 1 07. so it was as current as I could give it.
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