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- Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 Like Share

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nema Oct 8, 09
please someone can post the bios or pm me of the pcs 4770 with arctic cooler accelero
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kspiess Sep 24, 09
Oz kenny , I am to do noise testing this year. It's a bit tough -- there is a lot of ambient noise in the Neo office. I have to figure out a way around this problem.

BTW sry for any slow replies to questions asked.

Thanks xchaos for helping out.
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xchaosdragon666x Sep 21, 09
We measured 39 dBA from the system. Once the graphics card is getting hot by fully utilizing it, we get stuck at a 40~41 dBA measurement which you can hear, softly.
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Oz kenny Sep 21, 09
One issue with video cards which hasn't been addressed is the noise they make.

I run 2 monitors, play the odd game occasionally and also watch TV on my PC, so I want a video card that is quiet.

Could you perhaps measure the noise levels of cards tested?
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