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- Wednesday, January 17th, 2001 Like Share

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2.How they Sound
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Mark Tomlinson Apr 4, 04
I am QUITE disatisfied with these speakers. I have had to return them TWICE for power supply failures, and now the third system has gone TU.....

My last PC audio purchase from POLK.
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LiquidIQ Jan 17, 01
The 4030, and most MidiLand speakers use a single driver. I tested the 3050, which had the problem of the highs being muffled. It's very tough to design a driver of 2-3"s to move 11-20 thousand time a second

3DAI used to use ultimateBB for our forums. The server we had a first was a POS, or so I heard, so we had to shut it down as it was taking up too many cycles. Now we've got this killer server on a fat pipe, and no forums. We were kinda disappointed with UBB, and now are looking for other options. What do you guys use? PHP is fine, I'm not real familiar with it but I could read. You guys use mySQL or something? We'd be definately interested if you guys could help us out in this department.
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Ether Jan 17, 01
Hey thanks for the praise Steve

Yeah the bass is rather nice for a 4" woofer. The MH-500s IMO also had really nice bass for a very small subwoofer, but that sub didn't clip or distort as much when setting the bass settings in most songs.

Most 2"-2.5" speakers definitely have a problem with the highs. The Cambridge Soundworks has this problem, and so do the Microworks by Boston Acoustics. Surprisingly, the BA635 seems to be exempt from this (don't you love those lil' guys?)

Do you happen to know whether the MidiLand S2 4030 uses a single driver in each satellite? It has a solid high frequency reproduction.

This is still a pretty kickass 4 speaker system b/c it is priced so nicely.


Hey btw I noticed a while back that 3DAI doesn't have it's own forums anymore. Any thoughts on using our forums for just that? b/c like I would love more audio related discussions
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LiquidIQ Jan 17, 01
Pretty nice review. I also have these speakers and noticed the lack of highs, but I've also noticed this as a common factor in a lot of computer speakers that do not use a seperate tweeter. A 2" (Polk) or 2.5" (DTT3500) driver just cannot reproduce the highs from a nice tweeter.

The AMR150 that are coming out will have a seperate tweeter. Most of the reason multimedia speakers don't have the seperate tweeter (I think) is the added cost of the crossover for each speaker.

You might also consider that this bass was put out by a 4" driver! While it's not on the quantity level as the MidiLand S4-4100 (8") it still is pretty impressive for a 4"

Take it easy...
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