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- Thursday, March 1st, 2001 Like Share

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LiquidIQ Mar 1, 01
You are definately right on the sub. If you get it too much past about mid-level, it does start to bottom out. But I think they combat that by using the reinforced port on the back to produce more bass at lower levels. Nifty idea.

Did the Santa Cruz give you seperate front/rear control with the dual spdif? I don't have one here (they wanted it back... dammit) so I can't test it.

I told you that these are nice
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Ether Mar 3, 01
Yeah that reinforced port is a pretty good idea. It definitely helps out.

I don't remember if I could control forward/rear volume with the Santa Cruz. I did all the forward/rear adjustments with the speaker controls (which works great).

The one thing I didn't like about the digital connection is that you cannot control overall system volume though. Like if you are playing an MP3 you can change the WAV out volume and that works, but the master volume has no affect at all on the digital ouput. This also negates muting from in the system, and since there is no mute on the speakers you cannot mute games at all, short of turning off the speakers.

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