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- Wednesday, March 13th, 2002 Like Share

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Roj Mar 13, 02
Good review - well written and explained.

I was struck by your comment on all-purprose satellite drivers and the muffled soundstage - that has traditionally always been my beef with all-in-ones. The Logitech Z-560s however are a notable exception; despite their all-in-one configuration, they turn in credible highs and soundstage, albeit not in the same class as the Monsoon MH-505s I own. I can't compare the Logitechs to the Polks since I haven't been able to find them to audition.

That being said, when are you going to get a set of the 505s to review? Based on your way of describing the shortcomings of the Polks, I do believe that this system will be a more optimal purchase, especially since it's at the same price point.

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Ether Mar 18, 02
Hey Roj,

Thanks for the comments. The all-in-ones do have this problem a lot. Boston Acoustics did an amazing job on their BA635, using a single driver. But for some reason their other products did not deliver the same sort of performance.

Reviewing the 505s is a possibility. We do live in the same region as Monsoon so that's a plus. I just haven't been reviewing as many things lately as I have been increasingly busy. Also, as I understand it, Monsoon is easy enough to work with, but they do have a strict and short loan time, and with my current work load I sometimes take too long for that type of constraint. Beisdes, the M505's seem to have been reviewed adequately by users .
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Roj Mar 18, 02
"We do live in the same region as Monsoon so that's a plus"

You're Canadian????
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PetrosYiannikouros Feb 8, 03
I found the review really helpful. And i attempted to find the speakers and try them.Lucky me FRY's had them on sale for $59.99
I now own the set and i love it.
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