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- Wednesday, February 21st, 2001 Like Share

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Marcus Widerberg Nov 2, 02
WARNING! Philips drivers are a continual source of problems. I would not recommend any philips computer device and definitely not their webcams, which are infamous for their driver difficulties.

The support is terrible to say the least, here is a list I got to install the cam on xp from support, note step 6 where I am supposed to "uninstall all multimedia applications" (!!). It's appaling!

To reinstall the camera properly, please follow these steps. These instructions probably look very exhaustive, and they are. This way of reinstalling the camera will prevent most known problems.

1. Plug in the camera
2. Remove all software for the camera from Add/Remove Programs
3. Remove all drivers for the camera from the Device Manager
4. Unplug the camera
5. Reboot
6. Go to Windows Setup in Add/Remove Programs and remove all Multimedia programs
7. Reboot
8. Install all Multimedia programs
9. Reboot
10. Install the latest drivers for the camera
11. (Re) install chipset USB drivers
12. Reboot
13. Plug the camera back in
14. Install the software