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- Tuesday, February 10th, 2009 Like Share

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hiigaran Jan 7, 10
how much you would be able to overclock will greatly depend on your hardware. now i will assume you do not have exactly the same hardware that was in the review, so youll need to download two free programs. one is called stress prime, and the other is called speedfan. run them both at the same time. speedfan will monitor the temperature of your processor, and stress prime will stress your cpu. stressing it will cause it to go to its maximum power. after at least five minutes (10 recommended) check the maximum temperature recorded on speedfan. processors can take up to about 85 degrees, but for safety, its best not to go over about 70 degrees. so if your temperatures are significantly lower (at least 5 degrees, which would only gain a minimal performance boost anyway), you can proceed. report back first. i recommend you make a thread in the general computer hardware and overclocking forum though, as there is more activity there, and more people who can guide you through the process.
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