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- Thursday, October 11th, 2007 Like Share

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Tweaker Oct 11, 07
Another great article Kevin though how well does a overclocked 8800gts do compared to a 2900pro oc'ed?
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kspiess Oct 11, 07
I have no problems admitting that that is a short-coming of my review: not being able to compare the overclocked 8800 gts with the overclocked HD 2900 Pro.

Because we almost never overclock video cards here at Neoseeker (which may change btw, I'll see) I didn't have the figures handy to through the overclocked GTS on the chart.

I would've liked to overclocked the Asus EN8800 GTS -- or even tested out maybe an out-of-the-box overclocked card we have in our hardware repository, such as our BFG cards -- but ran short of time.

It was sort of a last minute decision to even have the overclocked HD2900 Pro results in there - but then myself and Red decided that it would be good to throw'em in there because the great overclocking potential of the card.

Anyways..! In a future situation like this, I'll have the overclocked results of any card that the review card is 'up against.'

But BTW, I did overclock the EN8800 GTS to see what kind of performance increase I could get (just wasn't able to do the whole suit of tests.) I got about a %10 overclock from the card, which (very roughly) would translate into somewhere around a %10 FPS increase in games (..roughly!).

Which is okay, but nothing close to the sheer nutty overclock of around %35 that was reached with our HD 2900 Pro.

Thanks for your comments.
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DEZVOUS Oct 11, 07
You should definitely see if you can push the overclocking bit further in future reviews. I personally make it a pretty large selling point for me to look at reviews and see what kind of overclock a card can get before I make a purchase.

Because sometimes you can find virtually the same card with the same specs but underclocked and at a lower price that can be overclocked to the higher clocked model or even further without making any changes to voltage or third party cooling.

Edit: Wow that was written really poorly.

This message was edited by DEZVOUS on Oct 11 2007.
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Redemption Oct 12, 07
Honestly if you like what you read about the 2900 Pro you better buy it wherever you can get your hands on it right now! As I understand it, word is the part will disappear once current stock is sold out. And well... there really weren't that many to begin with.
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Cheesysoapopra Oct 12, 07
Figures when one of the Ati..err AMD partners finally does it right this card generation, no one will be able to get their hands on one.
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DEZVOUS Oct 12, 07
You know tonight I almost bought a 1gb Sapphire 2900Pro with identical specs to the XT except for clock speeds but then I gave the Crysis quality comparisons another look and decided against it.

Very High-Low Quality Comparisons

Crysis looks awesome even on medium and I'm already playing at high with my x1800xt512. So with updated final drivers and a more stable final code once it's released I'm going to be more than happy with what I'm seeing and playing. I mean I don't have Vista and don't plan on upgrading anytime soon so I wouldn't benefit from DX10 support anyways.

Phew, that was a close one, almost just spent $350 that I definitely didn't need, I was that close.
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