Patriot Memory EP Pro 32GB SDHC Review

Author: Chris Barry
Editor: Howard Ha
Publish Date: Tuesday, September 4th, 2012
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If you count yourself tech-savvy, you probably own any combination of a digital camera or camcorder, a smartphone, a tablet/phablet. Even if you don't own any of these things, chances are you do have something that requires the use of digital storage. No matter the situation, you may find yourself needing to upgrade the storage your devices currently use for a number of few reasons; maybe you want to double the amount of space on your MP3 player, or maybe the SD card in your camera is too slow for those rapid sports shots. As a manufacturer of memory module and flash memory products, Patriot Memory endeavors to offer a range of solutions.

Today we will be taking a brief look at the Patriot Memory EP PRO 32GB SDHC. This little flash memory component is a class 10 SDHC card which features read speeds of up to 90MB/s and maximum write speeds of 50MB/s and a fairly large 32GB storage capacity in case you needed to store full length HD video, pictures, or a good chunk of your music library onto it. So without further adieu, let's take a closer look at the Patriot Memory EP PRO 32GB SDHC card!


32 x 24 x 2.1mm
Class Rating
Class 10 (up to 90MB/s Read / up to 50MB/s write)
5 years

Closer Look:

The Patriot Memory EP PRO 32GB SDHC card comes in a cardboard package that lists a few of the card's specifications on the front page. Flipping the package over reveals a few more details translated into many different languages, including the card's 10 Megabytes per second minimum sustained write speed, and five year manufacturer warranty.

Once the card has been removed from its packaging, you'll see that it is stored in a protective plastic carry case which naturally serves to keep the card safe during transportation when it is not in use in an actual device. The card itself also lists its class and storage capacity specifications on the front. Flipping the card over reveals a very bare black backside. Towards the top right is a lever which will allow you to lock the card into read-only mode, preventing the user from overwriting any data already stored onto it.


Testing & Conclusion

Unlike many products we review here at Neoseeker, SDHC cards are relatively inexpensive so you won't be burning a whole in your pocket by upgrading the digital storage space for your camera, phone, or MP3 player. Not only that, but the performance difference you'll receive by moving to a class 10 SDHC card is extremely noticeable. To test the Patriot Memory EP PRO 32GB SDHC card I installed it in my DSLR which previously used a 4GB class 2 Sandisk card. It was hard not to notice the difference: with the Sandisk card I was unable to take high-speed shots without the flash media slowing me down. The Patriot Memory EP PRO 32GB SDHC card on the other hand had absolutely no problem handling rapid fire shots without any noticeable speed decrease in writing to the card itself. Not only that, but I also noticed there was almost no wait time while deleting images.

Until doing this review I really had no idea of how huge the performance difference was in different class SDHC cards. That's all changed since I actually had the chance to test out the Patriot Memory EP PRO 32GB SDHC card, and now I would definitely recommend upgrading your MP3 player, phone, or camera's storage to a class 10 card. If you are looking for 32GB of storage anyway, I would highly recommend the Patriot Memory EP PRO 32GB SDHC card!


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