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Palit 9800 GTX: Review and SLI testing - PAGE 2

- Tuesday, April 8th, 2008 Like Share

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CHuicor Apr 14, 08
These days it seems that the Internets hardware news sites are just pushing nVidia to the top. I don't see the need of a 9800GTX, because before we already could play all games maxed except Crysis. It hasn't changed with this "new" card, the charts stay exactly the same.

I am an ATi fan, but I really hoped to see a card from nVidia that would let us play Crysis with maxed settings.
To me this 9800GTX has a poor value since a 8800 GTS 512 MB has "exactly" the same numbers in games...
You don't even have the guts to put it face to face with a 8800gtx, I think it says a lot!

Anyway I don't see the advantage of playing a game with 225fps instead of 145fps, there's no advantage at all.

For me nVidia with the 9xxx series is a little weak, a 8800gtx is still in the game for many time to come.
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Darkness Flame Apr 10, 08
Wait a sec, there's an error on that. At the end of page 2, you state that the 9800 GTX has 3-way SLI as a new feature over the 8800 GTX. However, the 8800 GTX has 3-way SLI.
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Tweaker Apr 9, 08
Good review and damn dont those 9800GTX in sli look sweet compared to a single 9800GX2.
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