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- Thursday, October 9th, 2008 Like Share

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born2be Oct 10, 08
A great review to read, and taught me a bit more about my card.

As I just stated, I own the card and I have been heavily impressed with it. I don't mind loud cards, so frankly the thing is perfect for my price and needs.
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kspiess Oct 11, 08
Cool, thanks. I'm glad to hear you like your card.

For myself sound doesn't bother me -- once in it a case, I'm probably not going to notice the sound that much. Especially when I gaming, I'm not going to hear any fan no matter how loud, over my speakers.

I really this HD 4870. It's unusual for an overclocked card with extra features (like dual BIOS, and better power management) to be selling for the same price as reference board designs.
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MM Oct 30, 08
I was buying new PC and one think was sure:
I must have HD4870 !

Comparing all variants of 4780 after a while I
took a look at the CHEAPEST variant - from Palit
(214 EURO in Germany)!
I wondered why the overclocked Palit is
so cheap and googled your review.

I have to say superb review!
Answered all my questions, well choossed
another graphic cars for comparsion.
So thanks,
I'm waitig now for a delivery
with MY new Palit 4870.. :-)
I can't explain myself,
why this great card is the cheapest?
(Which makes even better)

sorry my poor English, hope you get the meaning
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kspiess Oct 31, 08
Thanks! I think you will be happy with it.

The biggest reason why it is the cheapest is that Palit ( also known as Gainward in Asia ) is one of the largest card makers -- so they can make more cards, which allows them to sell at a lower price.
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Iceguy2003 Oct 31, 08
I didn't know Palit was Gainward. Good old Gainward, they kept it alive for AGP (and stayed AGP top dog for a long time) with the Gainward Bliss 7800GS+ (7900GT core) AGP. Now with 2600's and 3850's in AGP, it's a little easier than finding a Gainward Bliss for spice up your AGP system. But still.. they hold a special place in my heart, lol.

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