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- Tuesday, June 17th, 2008 Like Share

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PanagiotisIVV Jan 31, 11
[color=aqua]I bought just before 2 years ago the materials and I built up a fast PC. This motherboard is very good as I have seen around, and very economic, but in many shops... we can not find it so easy.

Inside the PC cover, I have put 7 fans, working on the lowest for not making much noise generally when the PC is working.

I used the 8200 Intel Core Quad and I overclocked it... from 2.33GHz to 2.80GHz.

I also tried to Overclock to 3.00GHz but at the restart, it could not afford.

The power consumption of my PC, monitor, printer and 5 Speakers is total 230 Watt (230 V).

Adjusting the Processor Frequency & Fans Speed.


Motherboard... ASUS P5Q Deluxe

Memory... 2GB 1600MHz ADATA

Graphics Card... ATI Radeon SAPPHIRE 512MB

Processor... Intel Core Quad 8200

Printer... HP D1660
Monitor LG FLATRON W2241S

Hard Drive... 160GB WD 7.2rpm

Speakers... 5 (3way)
USB... 12

Power Consumption... 230 Watt (230V).

When I contsructed my PC, I was not lucky to find this processor, the best ever done... http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=35428
0 thumbs!
PanagiotisIVV Jan 31, 11
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