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- Tuesday, August 11th, 2009 Like Share

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1.The sleek killer is back
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VeGiTAX2 Aug 16, 09
The P180 certainly inspired the new series but if you wanted a simple example of the new space inside you would essentially compare a 3 series BMW to a 7 Series for interior room. It's spacious the cable ports are great to use and nothing bumps, hands don't grind and dig around.

It's one of those "when you're ready for something extra absurd, consider this" items. As long as the P180 is rocking I wouldn't bump it off though.

I planned to do a custom job using enamel so it would be thick and near bulletproof instead. I've done the spray job before and I'm never happy with it.
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hiigaran Aug 17, 09
dont you have to sand and apply multiple times or something? applying one or two layers of spray is never a good idea.

enamel isnt a bad idea though.

i would like to see a really good matte or gloss finish case mod. i mean a proper looking job, not them bodgy shit jobs.
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