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- Tuesday, October 9th, 2001 Like Share

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Just another user Feb 24, 02
I've had this camera for 3 months now. Basically, I love it: BUT it makes it very hard to love itself.
The prettiest woman on my commuter train sat next to me one day when I had my camera with me. I set Macro to get a good shot. She blinked, the camera reset itself... all the others were out of focus.

1: It is too damn complicated. Usage should be in a pyramid fashion, not all over the map. By this I mean, commonly used features should be readily accessible and lesser used features in the backgrund. Ain't the way it is.

2: I can't take a spontaneous shot as the button to picture lag is sometimes 5 seconds.

3: No redeye reduction (And is THIS a problem)

4: I relied on the fact that Olympus is a respected Japanese manufacturer. HOWEVER, the camera was made in Korea, well-known for shoddy lenses. Mine started to wobble in its mount shortly after I bought it.

So, the question is... potential or practicality?

The coin is still in the air... In bright sunlight on auto, the pictures are fantastic... Otherwise.......................................
0 thumbs!
susanna barker Mar 27, 02
Ibought the c 700 aug 01 and love.I agree that the red eye is a problem along with the red eye removal in camedia master 2.5.my pics are fantastic in all lighting conditions including night shots
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