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- Tuesday, December 11th, 2001 Like Share

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Belkin PR Dec 14, 01
good review but here are some thoughts:

-The "D" pad on the n50 is used for ducking left or right and for jumping up or crouching. This is probably the best place for this.

-The battle wing on the n30 was specifically placed like that so the user would not accidentally hit the button on it. In rest, the thumb is lower. So, when they need to hit that button, they have to consciously lift their thumb up and hit the button.
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MissingFrame Sep 22, 02
I looked at many reviews of this product and can't believe people are actually using it

First of all, the decoding must be done in software; doing complicated keystrokes simply does not work when processor under load.

Also, there is key ghosting, press 01/02/06 and 08 presses.

Also, the keys are sticky (not smooth).
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putz Jan 11, 03
Software sucks - does not work with Rallymasters and MS FF wheel - shuts off if not used for a minute or two.

Using it without the software - seems to work but can`t save my profiles like that - waste of money
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CleavesF Jan 11, 03
well I don't have any input on these, but if anyone out there wants to buy this, or anything at http://belkin.com here's a 50% off coupon: 173

expires Jan 13th.
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