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Microcool NorthPole Review - PAGE 1

, Corry S
- Friday, January 16th, 2004
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1.Introduction & Installation
2.Real World Usage & Conclusion
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Gxcad Jan 24, 04
I'm sorry, this review is not very good. It needs more detail, in particular, before and after of overclocking the FSB RESULTS not just temps.

Innovation? IMO this is not innovative, its just a copper cooler for the NB with a very high speed fan. Swiftech already makes an aftermarket one, and FYI actively cooled northbridge cooling has existed for YEARS. The temps compared to a passive SILENT solution are nearly USELESS without a level comparison (IE compare stock and aftermarket cooling with the same volt mod) we don't really know how good the product is because the temps shown are used on a NB that produces different amounts of heat. How much is the stock Volts on the NB in the test? The reviewer shouldn't assume we know. last time I checked $30+ for a NB cooler is EXPENSIVE. I know my comments got jumbled up in there but the point is the review doesn't help us understand how the product will help us or perform if we used it and that is the point of a review, isn't it?


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