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Noctua NH-D15 CPU Cooler Review - PAGE 4

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harbin Jun 17, 14
Sounds like they've made some improvement to the D14, which I bought when I had a new system and the stock AMD cooler was insufficient (pushed temperatures higher than I felt comfortable with and it was too loud). Not quite as large a gap as I might've expected though. Unsure D14 owners need upgrade anyway. Wonder how much of the change is down to the fans, though I'm sure you tested both with the set of fans the D15 came with. If anything would ever need changing to my cooling system, it'd likely be the fans.

D14 still has the upgrade kit for the 2011 sockets available for purchase I believe, though wouldn't be surprised if Noctua didn't release any new upgrades for that to try and push the D15... if there is much difference between how they fit.
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