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- Thursday, November 2nd, 2000 Like Share

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rooftop Nov 3, 00
r u sure it uses SMC????
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Ether Nov 3, 00
Actually it uses MMC cards. Damn I hate getting mixed up. nike doesn't advertise what kind of expansion you use, and seeing the fact that you can only use 16 or 32MB cards, and seeing the generalized symbol used for both SMC and MMC, I made an assumption. Go figure.

Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for the minder.
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Tom Dec 22, 00
Can you confirm that the maximum memory is 96 MB. The Nike web site states 128 MB. Who is right?
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Ether Dec 22, 00
Hi Tom,

At the time of writing the max was 96MB because there weren't mane MMCs out I believe. Nike's official specs will always be more accurate than any review specs, because reviews get dated. For instance, in our original Rio review, we said there was a 96MB limit to the player, but that is no longer true thanks to a flash upgrade from Sonic Blue (formerly Diamond).

So the player should expand up to 128MB using a 64MB MMC card

Hope this helps.
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Gitface Dec 28, 00
Do not touch this unit. Sorry Nike, but pls stick to sports wear and leave the MP3 market alone.... or atleast make sure the unit works before you place your swoosh symbol on it.

It went something like this....

I saw the little beauty in the shop and it hadn't been out for more than ten minutes.... bought it there and then. The unit seemed perfect for all the running and cycling I do and a perfect replacement for the more fragile MiniDisc player.

Got the unit home after coughing up £270, installed the software (no problems here) and started to move come songs across. It seemed a bit short on memory to begin with but then I realised I was using 128bit when if your looking to have 2 albums of music you'd better use 64.... and sounds very different. Anyway, got the songs on and thought it was about time to test the baby...... headphones at the ready.... hit PLAY and pumped up the volume!!!!

OMG, it only plays out of one ear.... arghhh, maybe it needs me to adjust the balance or something... maybe I didn't have the h/p's plugged in properly. Nope, it simply didn't matter what I did, it only played on the left ear even after trying many different headphones. Time to tak ethe unit back, but I didn't send an email to the Nike support which was 3 days in reply (not bad I suppose, but they said it's a hardware fault)

Wooohoooo, changed the unit for a new one and ran home all excited to hear stereo on my MP3's..... and it worked, hoooraaaayyyyy.

Later that evening, I decided it wad time to try it out running, so whacked all the running gear on and grabbed the player... clipped it on and pluggd myself in.Whilst running out the front door I hit the play button but noting happened, so I stopped to make sure I didn't ahve the lock button on, which it wasn't, and it still didn't want to play.

Getting alittle upset on my investment, I ran back indoors and plugged it up to my PC to make sure it had come songs loaded up.... aaahhhh, but it couldn't find the player (so much for USB huh!!). I fiddled around for a while but to no evail when suddenly it started to work... sounded ok too, put back on the running shoes and started again.

DOH!.... u guessed it, yet again it blanked out on me.

This unit is going back and I hope I never come across it again.

sorry Nike/Rio, but I have to say.... poor job, this was exactly what I was looking for, but it simply seems to have a few hardware faults.

don't waste your money guys.
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rhankard Sep 10, 01
this thing sux. The remote does not recognize the player even if they are attached. If you bend the remote wire back and forth it will work. Also I bought a Lexar 64mb mmc and the player does not recognize it. In fact, i think the card screwed up the whole payer because I cannot see any memory. Nike should stick to sneakers
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Redemption Sep 12, 01
quote rhankard
Nike should stick to sneakers
That's very true. Except that SonicBlue (formerly Diamondmm) is the one behind this player (it's just rebranded as an exclusive Nike product). And I see this thing once in a while at the gym and at the park... the owners seem to enjoy it... .
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