: : : : Testing SLI on the NF980-G65 Review

Testing SLI on the NF980-G65 Review - PAGE 1

- Monday, November 16th, 2009 Like Share

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Pat-11 Jan 22, 10
Thank you for the test you did, I have been reviewing hardware and at this point I had planned to buy this board and SLI two GTX 260's with the AMD II x4 965. I was thrilled to find you did this for me already.

Basing it on best bang for the dollar without going overboard in price on higher performing GPU's, would you consider this a very good build for gaming or is there anything with crossfirex for the same money that would be better?

I am sure it must be neglible and another config(same $$) would be just similar and close in gaming performance.

Or could I spend much less either sli or crossfirex wise and get the same performance?