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MSI X58 Eclipse Review & Overclocking ... Core i7 920 4.1GHz on Air! - PAGE 1

- Monday, November 24th, 2008 Like Share

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hiigaran Dec 1, 09
you can always ask. dont expect people to just give you that information. overclocking is popular, but in this forum, its not popular amongst those who are new to it, so it doesnt warrant a guide or anything (to my understanding anyway), so if you want information on overclocking, just post a new thread and wed be happy to help.

EDIT: i noticed that 'Devil May Care' still hasnt been fixed.
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Zertz Dec 1, 09
That will depend on your processor, overclocking is a lot of trial and error.

Learning to do it properly is the best way! I can throw out numbers, but I can also guarantee you that they won't necessarily work.
QPI/VTT and VCore around ~1.3V is often a good start for 3.6-3.8 GHz
You can take a minute to read the overclocking part here...

And... don't put your email on a forum, that's a bad idea.
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PC User Dec 1, 09
I see a lot of references to what hardware people have, and snapshots of bios's that have NOT been overclocked, but why isnt there anyone on any site that can post the correct settings for the bios to accomplish the 4.0+ ghz that everybody brags about.

I need the settings for the MSI Platinum X58 motherboard that has been overclocked. If you have stable settings for 3.8 ghz or faster email them to me.

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hiigaran Apr 12, 09
...and there i was confused, trying to google that to see if there really was such a thing, just in case. hah.
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Jesh Apr 12, 09
Devil May Care?!? That's pretty funny.
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hiigaran Apr 12, 09
just looking at this review, i noticed something not quite right on page 5:

For the additional gaming tests we used

* World In Conflict
* Devil May Care 4
* Crysis
* Dynasty
...yeah, might want to get that fixed...
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Scott Oliver Jan 4, 09

I just recently bought this board, I also have the Noctua NH-U12P 1366 Edition.

I am a very novice overclocker, and I was hoping that you could run me through a step-by-step guide on how to overclock this board.

I have noticed you have a rough outline on what you need to do, however I was hoping you will be able to show me a more refined step-by-step.

My specs:
Antec 1200 Case
MSI Eclipse Motherboard
Intel i7 920 CPU
G.Skill 6GB 1333MHz Memory
Zalman 850w PSU

Any help is much appreciated,

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