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MSI RX2600XT Diamond Plus Review - PAGE 12

- Monday, October 15th, 2007 Like Share

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skatcat31 Oct 16, 07
While it is a good card and it performs well under the fact that it doesn't require any external power, the underwhelming AA performance is of note, but this is after all a factor that DX10 is sitll in its somewaht infancy (althoguh the boys over at epic and ID aim to change that very quickly with their lineups of games, making this the time to start jumping on the DX10 bandwaggon). So the one problem i have wiht this card is the lackluster AA engine, granted ATI hasn't been known for its AA performance.
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Kingtiger01 Feb 17, 12
I know this is a Long-dead Legacy post... but this needs to be said.

Just thought id say, While the review was accurate at the time. Most of the performance issues from ATI/AMD Were driver related.
Ive owned both the Diamond and Diamond+, im currently using the Original Diamond on my Development Machine Temporarily and it easily keeps up with my EVGA 8800GTS320(G80){Science Box} at low resolutions(5-10fps lower average).

Its not a mid-range card by today's standards, but its still faster than nearly any low-end card still on the market today. But at a much better price-point.

out of Curiosity, i did benchmarks with the same games and applications you did in 2007. But this time running the 12.1 Catalyst Drivers. I wagered 46.2% average increase in FPS on high, through out all of those games...

I only wish i would of spent the extra $27/USD at the time to get the Diamond+ instead, as right now i would be better off.


On a side note, the Diamond FAR outperformed my own BFG Geforce 8600GTS i have. I recycled it recently because its performance wasnt any near comparable.
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Iceguy2003 Feb 19, 12
Always interesting to see how the older cards improve over time. I know the 8800GTS 320MB went through a lot of improvement over time with drivers, too.
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