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- Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007 Like Share

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Crackmaggot May 7, 07
Actually, that miscommunication between the BIOS and cpuz is correct. I've worked with the standard P6N SLI before and there is a hidden setting in the BIOS entitled "disable C1E." You must press F4 I believe it is to reveal it. I forget where exactly in the BIOS it appears though. But after that it should quit down clocking in windows when at idle.
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cscpianoman May 8, 07
The lights at the back of the USB panel are not for the USB ports, they are for startup diagnosis. It was extremely useful identifying a RAM problem with a build a few weeks ago with a P6N-FI.
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weathergeek May 16, 07
Hi everyone. I have this mobo with the E6600 as well, and when i try to get my FSB over 299MHz (300MHz or over) I, too, get that error message about a 267MHz bus processor being installed. My question is..
I am able to OC it with the error, but does it really affect CPU speed? Will overclocking even with this error message still be successful? I have tried almost everything, including Zflashing BIOS to the latest, but the message wont go away.
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