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- Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 Like Share

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RabidChinaGirl Nov 12, 08
I can see how people might think I did not enjoy the game. Maybe I'm critical because I really liked it, and I want to see DICE do even better next time.

Mirror's Edge really is well made, and I think people should definitely check it out. Buy it, rent it, whatever. The controls are really smooth, as we saw in the demo. Honestly, most of my disappointments stem from the story, which seems like a wasted opportunity here.
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Halo_Asassin Nov 12, 08
The fact that you got it a day early makes me rage.
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Superfast Oz Nov 11, 08
It read sort of weird, you could tell your frustration with parts, and you didn't emphasise much positive. It was almost entirely negative until the conclusion, so I'm no clearer on whether to cancel my preorder or not.
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