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- Thursday, July 4th, 2002 Like Share

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DrNick57 Jul 5, 02
I have a Lian-Li PC 60, which is just a bit bigger than this. I love their cases, as they include proper cables to connect the front panel ports to the motherboard, not passthrough cables to plug into the back panel, which I have had supplied with Coolermaster cases.

That said, the Adda fans they supply (as mentioned in this review) are just whiny. I had three, all with a distinct grating whirr, which was really noticeable. I've replaced them with Evercool low noise models, which are a bit quieter.

The PC-60 has a three position switch for the front fans to vary their speed. I'll guess with only one fan on the PC-50 they left this off.

Anyway, thanks for the review!
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Moots Jul 10, 02
nice review, touched on many of the important "real life use" aspects of the case.

The PC-50 seems to be a reasonable example of an ali case, but "out of the box" it would be too noisy for my purposes plus the lack of room for manoeuvre inside the case is something which I don't like to compromise on, as it makes working inside awkward. That said, if you do need a case with 3x 5.25" bays exposed, this case shows you don't need to buy a behemoth.

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Gxcad Jul 11, 02
I have never had fewer than 3 5 1/4's but never used more than 1. I have never had fewer than 2 external 3 1/2's but never used more than 1. Since ISA phased out I've never had less than 6 PCI but never used more than 4. Never had less than 3 dimm slots but never used more than 2. Never more than 1 hdd running in my system at a time, but my mobo has onboard RAID. Maybe I worry about future expandibility more than I should? I think I'll save up and upgrade to a Lian Li case:). What does that have to do with the above comments? I have no idea:D.

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Moots Jul 12, 02

I think you're a candidate for the CoolerMaster ATCS 200 with its max capacity of 11 HDs (OK that's cheating, you wouldn't have space for a floppy or CD-ROM)

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Arris Jan 16, 03
Ordered one of these to house the following.
[*]Athlon XP 2100+ @ default for the moment
[*]Coolermaster HHC-L61 Silent Super Heat-Pipe
[*]GA-7VAXP Revision 1.1 w/ f9 bios
[*]Sapphire Radeon 9700 Pro
[*]1 x 512mb OCZ EL-DDR PC3500
[*]2 x Seagate Barracuda IV 40Gb
[*]Hercules Fortissimo II
[*]Enermax 350w DualFan WhisperQuiet PSU

I'm a bit concerned about whether the heatsink will fit in with the sideways configuration or not. I'm not all that impressed with it anyway and might switch to a lower profile heatsink like a thermalright. Anyway I'll post back and let you know how it goes and which heatsinks I have managed to fit in with the sideways PSU configuration.
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krackin01 Jul 16, 03
I have an asus a7n8x delux motherboard with XP2600+ CPU cooled by a coolermaster HAC-V81 XDream heatsink and fan. Will this combination fit ok into the Lian Li PC-50 case without the psu contacting the cooler fan, or will I have to get a smaller heatsink and fan? If so, could you recommend something?
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Rhods Apr 10, 04
The PC-50 doesn't have a motherboard tray. But it's still a nice case
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Arris May 6, 04
Still running with this case.

Now it contains:
AMD Athlon64 3200+ 2000MHz @ 2200MHz
1024 MB of OCZ EL-DDR PC3500 @ 440Mhz
ATI 9800 (385/345 Samsung 2.8ns) (ATI Radeon)
2x Western Digital SATA Raptor @ RAID 0 36.7 GB @ 10000 RPMS
Western Digital SE 8mb Cache 80.0GB @ 7200 RPMS
Seagate Barracuda IV 40.0GB @ 7200 RPMS
Sony DWU-10ABK DVD+/- RW
Creative Soundblaster Audigy2
Belkin 54g Wireless PCI card

I switched the ADDA case fans for Vantec Stealths which have a lower volume and lower pitched noise.
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Arris May 6, 04
Oh and the PSU is now an Antec 550w TruePower.
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