Lexmark Z33 Color Inkjet Printer Review

Author: Austin Bailey
Editor: Howard Ha
Publish Date: Thursday, August 16th, 2001
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Although the Lexmark Z22 that we reviewed last week turned out some good results for its price class, it certainly was not a product to compare against the more mainstream midrange inkjets on the market. The Lexmark Z33 is STILL not at that level – instead, this modest inkjet printer hopes to fill the upper range of the budget niche, and manages to do so with impressive results.


  • 4 Color Inkjet system - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (with black cartridge installed)
  • Thermal Inkjet technology with dual heads
  • Resolution: Up to 2400 x 1200 dpi in black&white, up to 2500x1200dpi in colour
  • Print Speed: 9 ppm in black and white, 5 ppm in colour
  • Operating Systems Supported:
  • Accu-Feed paper handling
  • Duty Cycle: 500 pages/month
  • Noise Level: 44.1 dBA
  • Connection Type: USB only

    Installation and First Impressions:

    The Z33 gives a good first impression. It is considerably larger then the Z22, and its clean and simple design is appealing to users that simply want quick plug and play functionality. And with the USB connection installation was a snap. Unfortunately, USB is also the ONLY port that the printer supports.

    The Z33 has a custom installation program that installs the drivers, an ink monitor, and some other small utilities like a progress monitor. The drivers are 100% custom written for the Z13,Z23,Z33 series of printers and differs quite a bit from the drivers for the Z22.

    Several things were immediately apparent to us when we first loaded up the Z33 and started to do some test prints: the Z33 is leaps and bounds ahead of the Z22 in terms of performance, in spite of a very small gap in price.

    Surprisingly Budget Priced Performance

    The Z33 won’t be able to compete against inkjet printers in the $200 and up range, but for a printer that can be found for under $80, this printer rocks!

    While text was still not crisp enough for professional use, quality wise, text printouts on plain paper were quite a bit improved over the Z22. What’s more impressive is the quality of colour printouts on plain paper. The Z33 still had some problems handling pure black backgrounds, but given the price class, it actually performed above our expectations. Colour graphs, charts, and even photos looked quite impressive on plain paper. We were especially impressed with the useability and vibrance of the colour charts we printed.

    Printouts on specialty photo were clean and very impressive. Again, this sub-$80 printer seems to print several magnitudes better then the $50 Z22.

    Our speed tests also found the Z33 to be peppy and quick. 5 pages of plain text printed in 1 minute 32 seconds. That would put the Z33 at around 3.15 pages per minute, which means that for text documents, this printer is faster then the $250 Epson Stylus 800, and the $275 Canon S800. While the rest of our speed results were not quite as impessive, they were nonetheless above expectations for this price class. 4x6” prints in regular quality mode took fewer then 1minute and 20 seconds each. The same prints in high quality mode nudged just past the 3 minute 30 second mark. Larger prints were still reasonably quick; colour prints on plain paper taking around 3 minutes and 45 seconds each, and prints on 8x10” photo paper taking 10minutes 10 seconds and 4 minutes 50 seconds in high and normal quality modes, respectively. Lexmark pulls a fast one

    Aside from the obvious speed of the printer, the quality is quite a bit higher then we were expecting. We aren’t afraid to admit that we were expecting similar results to the Z22 when we started this test, and we certainly got a lot more then we bargained for. And that’s what this puppy is: a HUGE bargain. If you are looking for the perfect low cost colour inkjet for your home, this just might be the ticket you were hoping for. With fiercely competitive print speeds, print quality that puts it at the top of its class, and prices as low as $73 on the net, how can we not recommend it?

    Find the Lowest Prices on the Net for the Lexmark Z33

    Overall Score: 91%


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