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- Thursday, August 16th, 2001 Like Share

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jx Oct 8, 01
I read that this printer supports win95 but I cannto find a driver for Lexmark Z23 for windows 95
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Jacques G. Dec 10, 01

I purchased the Z33 recently and found that one of the programs which comes with the Lexmark printer drivers is a spyware called: LEXPPS.EXE

My firewall program "ZoneAlarm" warned me that LEXPPS.EXE was trying to access the internet. Now I did some checking on the Internet and it seems that this program appears on computers that have a Lexmark printer installed. I phoned the technical support of Lexmark but they denied that it was their program claiming instead that it was a windows program. I looked at the program with an hexadecimal editor and found the Lexmark name in the program.

I do not see why my printer would need to access the Internet. The only reason I can think of is that they are spying on their customers.

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Mark777777 Apr 22, 03
QVC just had this printer on sale for about $55.
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Moise Obner Jun 2, 12
install the driver
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