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- Wednesday, May 9th, 2001 Like Share

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Hektor May 9, 01
What I don't understand, is why they haven't made a mouse with a rechargable battery like you have in your cellphones. You could still have it cordless, but have it on a leach when you need to (like at night).

How difficult can it be?
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Ether May 9, 01
In Logitech's press package, they mention that they did not choose to include recharcheable batteries because the life span of the batteries is shorter than regular alkalines, and also because youwould have to take the batteries out to recharge them.

This is a valid point on Logitech's side, but I think that a more useable solution is like what you suggest: basically batteries that can be charged inside the mouse, by docking it into a charging station.

Maybe the problem now is that there is an added cost to that sort of solution that would make the mouse undesirable?
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Terry Jun 21, 01
I used it for about a week.
Kind of an odd shape which you
will mostly adjust to, but sometimes
even after a week I had trouble hitting
the right mouse button.

I've gone back to my MS IntelliMouse Optical
complete with cord.

The Logitech weighs about 6 oz with batteries.
The MS mouse weighs closer to 3 oz (Yes,
I weighed them).

The added weight makes the Logitech harder to move
and increases stiction. There are occasional lags
in response which are noticeable. Perhaps due to RF
interface, or perhaps just due to the Logitech's optical tracking system.
This mouse has 5 feet as opposed to the 4 on the MS mouse,
but it just it just can't be made to slide smoothly -- too heavy == too sticky.
I used it on an off white with gray speckles formica surface
which should have been about ideal for the optical pickup
as well as for sliding.

Live and learn. I won't use it again. It's too much work!
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Zedric Jun 25, 01
I'm having a slight problem with my new Logitech Cordless MouseMan Optical. Firstly it refuses to jump less than three (3) pixels at a time regardless of how little you move it. I have a Pilot Wheel Optical on my other computer and that one works fine.
Secondly I can't set it to a comfortable speed in Windows. It's set to the lowest now and still feels strange (might be because of the first problem).

All drivers are installed (MouseWare 9.28) and I run Windows 2000 SP2.

Can anyone help?
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david_sjostrand Jul 5, 01
I don't get it. I have bought this mouse, and used it for a couple of days now. I am having problems in normal day to day use, and gaming is not even to think about. I have to concentrate on not moving the thing too fast or the pointer will wander off in a random direction. Moving the mouse faster than about 0.5 dm/second (2 inches/second) triggers this problem. Is this a problem specific to my mouse, or is this the way it is supposed to be?
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Redemption Jul 6, 01
That doesn't sound normal to me. I have talked to people who use this mouse for everyday use and do not experience those problems.

Can you make sure that the mouse is close enough to the receiver. And also check to see if the batteries are ok. You also want to make sure you are not using a very reflective surface.
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Ksilebo Jul 17, 01
Hello. I found the review on google while sitting at home, hours away from buying the mouse, hating my Razor Boomslang.

Here are my opinions about it.

I love this mouse.

It's lighter than the Boomslang, and, no cord (duh:P)

There was problems with Quake 3 and the boomslang, the sensitivities were all off, and there was a considerable lag and no DirectInput support, switching from PS/2 and USB did not solve this. The Mouseman worked right off the bat in Quake 3, and I never had problems in UT.

In Winders when I move it too fast, it does screw up and move into the corner of my second monitor and I have to move it ALL the way back to my primary one. But, i just learned to not move it too fast, as my MS Intellimouse Optical did this as well, which is also a great mouse.

I love this mouse, it is by far the best mouse I have purchased! I returned the boomslang, and got $99 to spend in EBX, So i bought the Mouseman, a Spawn Action figure (Jyaaku The Nightmare, to accompany diablo on my monitors)and a 100 disc CD wallet.

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DE-cYpHeR Sep 23, 01
I am interested in purchasing the Cordless MouseMan Optical and I can see why they do not make the battery bulit-in like say... the ones on a cell phone.

First off you would have to pay extra for a recharger, and that would bring up the price a little. Also, you have the problem of Cell Memory.

If say you were to plug in the Mouse once a week, when it was only halfway drained, it would form crystals between the halfway line and the fully discharged line. This would happen because the Cell would "think" the halfway line is fully drained, because you would always recharge it at that level.

But really, it would only be half drained. This would cut the mouse's uptime in half and slowly deteriate the battery to the point where you would have to A) Get a new battery if it was replaceable, or B) Get a new mouse.

Overall, from what I hear and hopefully I will know for myself soon, this mouse is a great bargain and would greatly reduce my desktop clutter.
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Jibe Nov 19, 01
I've tried this mouse a few days, but I wasn't pleased with it. It seems to me that the two problems are the occasionnal lag and quick movements response. The second point is certainly due to optical technology; I found that movements can be quicker than with a MS Intellimouse optical, but the lower refresh rate must make them more important with the Logitech.

The lag seems to come from the fact that this mouse (and another cordless not optical from Logitech I tried) can't send simultaneaously to the receiver informations concerning buttons state change and movements informations. This is for example noticeable on the Windows desktop, when you drag the mouse at constant speed and press a button: the pointer stops for a short period of time. Or from the Ps2Plus utility. This is logically more a trouble in action games like Q3, where you always move your mouse and fire at the same time.

But does anyone know if this problem exists on every cordless mouse ?
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vacs Dec 27, 01
to Jibe:
the problem you are describing is the reason why the Lithium (or Lithium ION) accus were invented. They don't have the memory effect you were describing and can be reloaded at any moment without harming the lifespan of them.

Nickel Cadium accus are really outdated. My 2-year old cell phone even didn't include those old Nickel Cadium accus
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Goodness Gracious Me Dec 24, 02
I have only one problem with this excellent mouse: When I click the buttons, the cursor movement is somehow interfered. This shows especially in fast paced action games and such as twitchy movement. This is ONLY when I click the buttons. Otherwise the movement is silk smooth. Is this interference only a disadvantage of the cordlessness of the mouse?
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ropez May 7, 03
Jibe wrote:
But does anyone know if this problem exists on every cordless mouse ?
No. My old mouse doesn't have this problem. I ordered Logitech Cordl. Opt. "Special ED", because I have to recharge my old mouse after just a few hours, and it has an irritating power-save funtion (ironic!) where I have to click a button everytime it has not been moved for 2 min. My friend had a logitech, and he hadn't recharged for months, so I wanted to try it.
I got the new mouse today, and its a piece of crap! The responce lag thing is driving me nuts. I discovered it after 1 min use. This mouse will be returned tomorrow!

BTW: My old mouse is A4tech Wireless Optical mouse (RFOP-35)
Exept for the thing mentioned above, it's a good mouse. Great range, I can have the pc in another room!
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