Lamptron FC9 Fan Controller Review

Author: Roger Cantwell
Editor: Howard Ha
Publish Date: Wednesday, January 9th, 2013
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Lamptron is a manufacturer of computer and modding accessories which include water cooling, lighting and of course fan controllers. Fan controllers have traditionally been used by enthusiasts wanting more flexibility when it comes to controlling their cooling system. They offer an easy alternative to restarting the PC and entering the BIOS just to change the settings for the system's fans. With more individuals making the move to HTPC's for their home entertainment solutions, fan controllers are sure to see a rise in popularity.

The front of Lamptron's FC9 package features several different photos that show off the lighting capabilities of the controller, along with the rated watts per channel. Turning the box over reveals the specifications of Lamptron's FC9 controller, along with the product features and package contents.


148.5mm*42.5mm*75mm(5.25" Bay)
Power Output
Up to 50 watts per channel
Control Channel
4 Channels
LED Color Available
White, Blue, Green, Cyan, Red, Purple, Yellow
Panel Color Available
Black Anodized/Silver
DC Input
3 X +12v (Standard 4 Pin Molex)
DC Output
0V- 12V DC
Fan Connectors
4 X 3-pin connectors
Recommend PSU wattage
600w or higher






It's time to take a closer look at Lamptron's FC9 controller itself. The FC9 provides up to 50 watts per channel, making it one of the highest wattage fan controllers available on the market today. For the FC9, Lamptron went with a throttle style control to (hopefuly) ensure years of trouble free operation. The fact that Lamptron equipped the FC9 with throttle style controls instead of a touchscreen in my opinion is a huge plus, as touchscreens in this case are temperamental and are prone to wearing out rather quickly.

Lamptron's FC9 features seven different LED lighting choices to suit the lighting scheme of your system. The front of the FC9 is CNC milled to give it a nice flawless finish, and is available in anodized black or silver.

The FC9's throttle controls have a nice solid feel to them and you don't have to feel around for the sweet spot to set your fan speeds, unlike on touchscreens.

Looking at the PCB we can see that the 4-pin power supply plugs are hardwired into the PCB, along with the four independent fan control headers.

Packaged with the FC9 is a detailed installation manual and the mounting screws, along with 4 fan power control cables.

Here's a quick look at the FC9 mounted in the case and powered on.

Lamptron's FC9 is not riddled with bells and whistles like some of the other fan controllers on the market today, leaving it free to do what it does best: control your fans! With 50 watts of power per channel, the FC9 is more than capable of handling whatever case fan you throw at it. The ability to change the lighting effect is a bonus, but the important thing is the FC9 is built well and should last for many years.

The sleek styling of the throttle controls coupled with the CNC milled aluminum contribute to an effective, stylized military look for the FC9 (anyone up for a round of BF3?). If you are in the market for a new fan controller or are looking at replacing that old touchscreen controller, then I suggest you take a look at Lamptron's FC9.

The FC9 is reasonably priced and offers a substantial value at $49.99.


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