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Kodak CompactFlash to PCMCIA Adapter Review - PAGE 1

- Tuesday, November 7th, 2000 Like Share

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bsincick Nov 9, 00
I have been using the Kodak Picture Adapter card for 3 years. It is good but I would not consider it breaking news. I use it with an IBM 770ED ThinkPad under Windows 2000 (and previously W-98 and W-98SE) without any problems. I have a Xircom fax/ethernet combo card in one slot and regularly incert and remove the Kodak adapter with no ill effects.
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Ether Nov 9, 00
Glad to hear you've been using it successfully for so long. Maybe the whole conflict issue is with either our other PCMCIA cards, or with IBM thinkpads in general.
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Greg Blum Jul 10, 01
Is this adapter a read/write device or is it read only? I know the USB readers are read/write and thought these were also but the folks at my local CompUSA said they were limited to read only.

Thank You.
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