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- Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 Like Share

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1.Introducing the ISGC series
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VeGiTAX2 May 27, 09
Ouch, it's like a punch to the face if you buy it. x_o hey you wanted better cooling? TOO BAD /smack

the spacing on the fins and the overall layout make it look like they went for the cop-out move of the century. Zalman gets away with it because they have a huge array of fins to help remove heat, you can't use less and remotely expect the same result in testing.

:/ they should have chopped it before it went into mass production or at least had the R&D give it another look.
0 thumbs!
hiigaran May 27, 09
it doesnt exactly look all that good to me, and ive never been a fan (haha, pun [/bad joke]) of those types of coolers. its upright for me.
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