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Intel 3.0GHz 800FSB CPU Review - PAGE 1

, Peter Judson
- Monday, April 14th, 2003
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CleavesF Apr 14, 03
no CPU pictures?
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Redemption Apr 14, 03
The pictures of the chip weren't done yet. I think Entity might work on them later in the day. I also missed out on the WCPUID pic, which I have to do once I reinstall the chip.

Btw the latest news is that the 3.0GHz production is going to be stopped - Intel has discovered a bug in the chip. They haven't disclosed the bug yet, but it's definitely something serious enough to warrant them from continuing with a full market launch.
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CleavesF Apr 15, 03
yeah I just read about that. I guess considering your partnership with Intel you guys get the good stuff first.

Too bad they'll prolly force you guys to give the thing back to them, or pull off the review

It's a mighty rare CPU now
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