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- Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010 Like Share

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Saransh Comsole Feb 4, 10
Is the thumbnail pic wrong? It says HD 5570.
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Supernova1332 Feb 4, 10
Not bad for entry level, was hoping it would put out a little more than a 4550 but not too surprised it doesnt considering they dropped a x5xx and x3xx for just the x4xx series.
Was the 4550 using ddr2, ddr3, or gddr3? If it were ddr3/gddr3 that would explain the close performance since the 5450 was only using ddr2.

Great review.

If there are people interested in getting this card, Newegg.com has two models at about $43-$45.
One with similar performance, 800mhz memory clock instead of the 900mhz in the review:
One with a little more performance with GDDR3 at 1334mhz (effective):

I dont see the point in getting a stock 4550 when these are available for the same price. Unless you have a problem with powercolor, otherwise it's a decent price.
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