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- Monday, August 11th, 2008 Like Share

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Sabre Aug 12, 08
Wow, the people who bought a GTX 280 will be furious, because that 4870 X2 totally crushes it. It looks like ATI is back in business.
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bruceleethree Aug 12, 08
quote it offers perhaps too much raw GPU power for the game's of today to effectively handle.
um doesnt look like crysis can even go 60fps at 1080p if at 1600 its under 50fps. which sucks for me, I have a 1080p 46" TV that I wish I could play crysis on smooth.

perhaps warhead will code it more efficiently? cause cmon, a 2007 game vs a 2009 gpu = no 60fps? wtf?

anyway, how's the stock cooling?

driver support?
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shogunatekamakura Aug 24, 08
Sure this card is great compare to Nvidia's lineup right now, But dint anyone notice almost every review to almost all GPU's right now are just using High settings with only 4x AA or sometimes No AA on crysis. Guys that 50 FPS on Crysis is just High not "Very High" And only 4X AA not "8X".
So yeah this card has some 2Gb 1600 steam processor 2.4 terra flops but the truth is if anyone in here read about the review running this card in crysis @ very high 8X AA all max resolution just gave a slugish 27 FPS on that settings.Im not saying that this card isnt great actualy its amazing cause it took 3 gtx 280 to do 30 FPS on crysis all in very high 8X AA all max out.So all in all for me any single Video card that cant take crysis all max out @ very high 8x AA running 60 FPS no less is just nothing. And also those guys claiming their running crysis @ 60 FPS all VH 8x using less than this kind of cards even with SLI of crossfire are a bunch of liars. Unless of course if their Over clocking their PC's to death.
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Iceguy2003 Aug 25, 08
IMO, 4xAA is pretty acceptable. Especially the higher the resolution you run. I do agree most benchmarks should use high and very high, because not everyone has made the jump to Vista, including myself.
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