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- Monday, August 21st, 2000 Like Share

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Guest Aug 22, 00
The duct did not perform properly because it was not installed or used properly. You need a standard ATX mid-tower, with an 80mm fan mount behind the CPU. The whole point of this thing is to take the heat put off by the CPU cooler and exhaust it from the case. This will lower the CPU a little in some cases but the main purpose it serves is to lower the overall system temperature by capturing that hot air and exiting it outside the case. Mounting it up in the top defeats the duct's purpose!
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<Nexus> Aug 22, 00
I think the author actually mentioned that the fan duct didn't fit in the case properly, otherwise he would have installed it like it should have been installed.

I wonder whether it would fit into other cases easily, like you say Guest, or if it would be problematic for most cases, like the author says.

My guess is that the damn case he had happened to be too narrow or thin. A retest would definitely be interesting.
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Guest2 Sep 6, 00
I apologize for posting harshly, but this review truly wastes html.

If the reviewer had attempted to install the unit in several different cases and then arrived at a conclusion, perhaps the review would have been at least somewhat legitimate.

Richard arbitrarily & knowingly placed the unit in a case it does not fit, then wrote an entire review with that single circumstance. I find that about as useful as using some duct tape to strap a printer cartridge to the inside of the case and then writing an entire article on the effects.
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<Nexus> Sep 8, 00
Well here's my view on this whole fan ducts thing. The GLobalwin website doesn't mention ANYTHING about the duct being for the mid sized towers the last time I checked, so I think that Richard is justified in testing in whatever case he wanted.

On the other hand, I am hoping he has tried the thing in various cases of different sizes and everything. OTherwise his statement about it not fitting in cases he has worked with is a little presumptious.

And yet no response from Richard, Redemption or Ether. Come'on guys. Did you test on multiple cases or what?
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Ether Sep 8, 00
my guess is that Richard tried the fan duct in one case and left it at that.

in his defence, I believe someone mentioned that the duct didn't have good documentation, and I a quick scan through the website didn't get me anything. I really hate

(please note that Richard and I don't work together, so I don't really know what was going on. We're like in different countries Just thought I would respond.).

I think that the final decision was that Richard is so busy with other projects that we can't really redo the duct review at this time. If we had that thing here we could probably get someone to do it. Maybe one day in the future.

My question is how come people don't get more riled up over my reviews. I get enough emails but nobody in the forums cares!
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Richard Oct 18, 00
Hello folks! It's Richard! Yes -believe it or not I've finally made it to this forum! Here's the deal </p>
I reviewed this case / cpu cooler in a full tower case -which I might add even had room for an additional power supply. There was plenty of room for the cooler where the power additional supply could have went, but not anywhere close to where the CPU was. I've worked on computers for a long time, and have seen many a cases. But the way the Fan-duct cooler is designed -I feel is a waste of plastic, and I wanted to get that message through to the people (you guys) before you went out and spent your hard earned cash on something that most likely wounldn't fit! In all practicle computer cases -this thing just isn't small enough to make it worth much of anything. In my opinion, a simple added case fan is JUST as effective! Thanks for the posts!
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