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- Thursday, January 23rd, 2003 Like Share

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videobruce Mar 2, 03
Why can't you guys test the video out for a change?
Spending over $150 for a card that has a feature and it isn't tested or many times even mentioned is really poor!

Come on guys, with the number of Home Theater users out there growing the vidoe out should be as important as some bogus benchmark!
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dvrocc Mar 2, 03
This seems crazy but I read the review and my Radeon9000pro clock speeds are higher that all the 9500 9500pro and the 9700 non-pro and I don't know what else is different maybe pipe lines or pixels something I know when I overclock it my 9000pro I can get the same clock speeds as the 9700pro at default, I know its not a huge OC but its really cool to be able to take it that far, I know there is a software hack that is available to allow the Radeon9500 non-pro version to be over clocked to and beyond the 9700pro clock speeds.
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