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Gainward GF4 Ultra/750-8X XP Review - PAGE 1

, Peter Judson
- Monday, February 24th, 2003
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ss May 13, 03
my sys specs-
AMD Athlon XP 2100
K7S5A motherboard with Sis735 chipset
60g HD
Windows XP Home
Gainward TI4800SE vid card

Originally ordered sys with ATI 32MB card then replaced with 4800SE for better graphics but seem to have a compatbility problem as a result. Bought flight sim with good graphics realism (Strikefighters Project 1) to test Gainward card capabilities but flight sim doesn't always run smoothly and have been booted out on occasion to the desktop. Also some problems with Windows XP Home boot-up. Can problem be traced to the Gainward card? What drivers and specific versions would work best to allow my components to work together?