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Introducing nForce 730i: MSI P7NGM Digital Review & Overclocking - PAGE 16

- Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 Like Share

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dmidi Oct 26, 08
Lack of hybrid power (turning off discrete graphics and using IG during web browsing, etc) is ridiculous. When using high end graphics, hybrid power not only saves 60 watts+, but it also shuts off the fan on the discrete gpu - thus allowing htpc use.

Reviews seem to be complicit in hushing up or downplaying the lack of hybrid power support. Why not ask nvidia why this isn't supported?

A system builder could always say 'i'll just build with the geforce 8300 and use AMD'. Problem is, with geforce 8300 you miss out on 45 nm cpus, things like Asus EPU (energy processing unit - which is awesome), and potential ddr3 memory energy savings. And of course, the 8300 is on an 80nm process where the 9300/9400 is 65nm.

The reality is that when AMD 45 nm cpu's are available, a 1 year old platform (8300) is the best way to go for gaming type htpc builds.
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