CaseAce Gear Grip CRT Review

Author: Ren-Jie Huang
Editor: Howard Ha
Publish Date: Monday, June 18th, 2001
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Are you finding yourself constantly moving your monitor from room to room? How about to those LAN parties all the way across town? Moving 30 plus pounds of dead weight while avoiding cables trying to claim the life of you and your monitor is not a simple task. If you are in need of a saviour, then the CaseAce GearGrip-CRT may be the answer to your prayers.


  • Fits most monitors up to 21” in size
  • Heavy duty 2” webbing straps
  • Premium soft-grip handle
  • CableGrip to manage loose cables
  • Quick disconnect front strap for fast setup

    The GearGrip-CRT is a computer monitor carrying harness which when used properly can safely support and transport most monitors up to 21” in size. In order for the harness to be compatible with your monitor, it must be tapered towards the back. If these criteria are not met, I do not recommend attempting to use the GearGrip-CRT with your monitor, as doing so may result in damage to the monitor or injury to yourself. In addition, monitors that have a button door at the bottom may be damaged with the use of this product, so use with extreme care.

    14" & 19" Monitor's with the GearGrip CRT Strapped on

    Box Contents

    Included with the GearGrip-CRT unit are the instruction manual and 4 rubber bands. Even though the rubber bands main purpose is for packaging of the product, you’ll see why they are useful and why I have included them with the box contents.

    First Glance and Impressions

    Upon receiving the GearGrip-CRT, I couldn’t wait to remove it from its packaging and test this baby out. To be perfectly honest, the GearGrip-CRT had me puzzled at first. However, after reading the instructions, the installation of the harness became as clear as day. You take the foot strap and loop it around the base of the monitor, pull all the loose straps towards the top, snap the straps into the buckles, and secure. It’s almost too easy.

    The installation of the GearGrip-CRT is most comparable to the installation of RAM. The first time you attempt to install the product, it takes some extra time and effort, but after that, it becomes second nature. In addition, the preparation time may be quite long; however, once installed, everything just seems to fly afterwards.


    After the initial installation of the GearGrip-CRT, the testing finally got underway. I first tested the GearGrip-CRT on my ancient 14” monitor. It was astounding just how secure the harness was. It withstood a good deal of shaking, whipping, and spinning. In the end, the GearGrip-CRT stood as solid as a rock, only requiring some minor retightening of the straps. Moving the monitor around with the GearGrip-CRT becomes an easy task since the weight of the monitor is much more balanced. With the addition of CableGrip, loose cables are no longer a life threatening concern. Afterwards, I repeated the rigorous test with my 17” monitor and it passed with flying colors.

    Using the GearGrip-CRT on flat ground was perfect; however, when using it to transport monitors up and down flights of stairs, I encountered some difficulties. Even with the 14” monitor, the monitor would occasionally hit a step or two. This could be easily adjusted for by slightly lifting the monitor up, adding strain to the arm. This was a small problem with a 14” lightweight monitor, but as we move up to 21” heavyweights, this could become a much larger issue. You may even have to resort to the old fashioned carrying style, but with the bonus of the CableGrip.

    One problem with the GearGrip-CRT is that with smaller monitors, the straps become a concern. Due to the range of sizes the GearGrip-CRT aims to support, the smaller monitors will leave more excess strap then desired. The strap hangs from the side and obstructs the user’s path, just as the cables did. To keep the excess strap from being a burden, CaseAce has included with its product 4 rubber bands which can be cleverly used to overcome this unintended design flaw.


    The innovative cast at CaseAce has once again designed another perfect companion for the LAN party enthusiast. If moving monitors around is a recurring task for you, then I would definitely recommend the GearGrip-CRT. Not only does it make moving monitors an extremely easy task, you’ll probably save your back in the long run. However, if you frequently move monitors between floors, then the GearGrip-CRT may not be suited for your needs.

    Overall Score: 80%


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